2010 – 2012

  • The Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority continued extensive planning and design work with contractors, architects and historic groups, ultimately leading to the groundbreaking for the construction project in 2011.
  • Restored to its original elegance, the work included:
    • 10,000 square feet of Tennessee pink marble floors, walls and columns were cleaned.
    • Extensive mechanical, electrical, HVAC and communication upgrades helped modernize the historic space.
    • Carriageway was reconstructed to mirror the original design but accommodate modern emergency vehicles. The Carriageway also allows access to travelers and visitors in need of an accessible entrance to the Head House.
    • An acre – 38,000 square feet – of decorative ceiling plaster was repaired and was fully restored to historically appropriate monochromatic colors.
    • 63 arched steel windows were removed and restored.
    • The original wooden track cabinets which alerted passengers to arriving trains were refurbished – right here in St. Paul – and reinstalled in their original positions. These white oak cabinets retain the original finishes but have been updated with electronic screens which provide real-time travel information to passengers.
    • The historic stair leading from the waiting room to the bus platform has rare puzzle tiles on most steps.
    • To accommodate the new train and bus traffic, 997 pilings were installed or repaired. The train platform includes two full-length tracks with access to a spur track and a stub track.
    • Train tracks, signals and switches were installed.
  • Union Depot reopened in style befitting its grand scale on December 8, 2012.
  • “Back on Track: The Rebirth of St. Paul’s Union Depot” is an hour-long video broken into smaller segments which chronicles the 23-month renovation journey as told in the voices of those who worked on the magnificent restoration of this multimodal transportation hub.