Lowertown Pop Preview Blogger Bash

April 8, 2016

Last week, with the help of MNBloggerBash, we threw a Lowertown Pop preview party for many local bloggers. We brought in 16 of the 55+ Lowertown Pop makers to showcase their products and a handful more had products to sample. By all accounts, everybody loved the event. Here are a few reviews of Lowertown Pop from the bloggers that attended the preview party:


“There were so many other vendors that were a pleasure to meet, and I can’t wait for the actual event on April 9th at Union Depot. Lowertown Pop takes place from 10am-4pm – lots of time to make your way there to check out some of these awesome hard-working makers that not only make great products, but make Minnesota such a cool state to live in and be proud of!” Anna Britta


“This was a great opportunity to meet Minnesota makers one-on-one and hear about their products and passions. I really can’t wait to get to know these vendors and their special stories more.  …I can’t wait to go back and check out the entire show.” Kale & Ale


“From the ‘grown up’ coloring books, to handmade sweets and preserves, to beautifully made bracelets and earrings – there was no shortage of creativity last night. Come April 9th, the Historic Union depot will be filled from wall to wall with Crafters, makers + doers.” Olivia Oxborough


“… If any of you know my heart, you know that I started this blog to not only uplift and inspire you, but to also share the stories and dreams of people who have created business and support them on their journeys. I LOVE that Lowertown Pop believes and is passionate about doing the same thing.” Beauty Mind Spirit


“My new favorite snack to eat while working in my planner is the Zesty Lemon Rosemary nut mix from Isadore Nut Company. I can’t wait to pick up a bag of the Cocoa Kiss nut mix this weekend.” Karla Mae