Afternoon Bike Adventure

Pedal along the scenic Mississippi river for a picnic and a day full of sun and fun on the trails.

  1. Begin your journey by riding your bike to Union Depot. Stop by the Repair Station on East Plaza for a tune-up before heading out. No bike? No problem! Participate in Nice Ride Minnesota’s bike sharing program at the Nice Ride Station on 4th Street across from Union Depot. Or pedal home a shiny new ride of your own with a new bike from Lowertown Bike Shop.
  1. Next, pedal up to The Buttered Tin to pick up a few snacks for an afternoon picnic. The Buttered Tin has been recognized by numerous local publications for its delicacies! Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, biscuits… you’ll want a sweet treat to celebrate your sweet, scenic ride!
  1. Take a ride back down to Union Depot’s Rail View Picnic Area. This beautifully landscaped area, complete with picnic tables and bicycle parking, is the perfect place along the Mississippi River to enjoy your treat from the Buttered Tin! You can even watch for the arrival or departure of airplanes at the St. Paul Downtown Airport (Holman Field).
  1. Now that you’re rested, hop back on your bike and take one of these two routes:
    • Follow the Sam H. Morgan Regional Trail to take in the views of Pickerel Lake and Lilydale Regional Park. Follow the trail around to Shepard Road and back towards Lowertown. (Estimated 7.5 miles)
    • For a slightly longer ride, enjoy the Bruce Vento Regional Trail. This is a “rail trail,” and while biking alongside the trains, you’ll see the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, Swede Hollow Park, Lake Phalen and more! Great views—and a great workout. Head back to Lowertown after you’ve reached the beginning of the trail. (Estimated 12.8 miles)
  1. Conclude your ride with dinner at The Bulldog, a favorite local dining spot featuring a variety of microbrews and pub fare.